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How To Think Like A First Class Student

University is a thinking game. How you approach yourself, your work and your workload is vitally important to achieving the degree you desire. Here are three questions I encourage students to ask themselves when it comes to their university career...

What is currently working well for me? It is important to identify what is currently working for you so you can keep it within your day to day routine. In my experience working as a coach, I find students are often looking to totally change their attitude to work, when in actuality, they have things that they are currently implementing that work well for them. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to be successful. Simple is often best! So if you have things that are currently working well for you and your day to day life, keep them in your routine! After all, if it ain't broke...

What do I need to work on?

To be successful at university, you have to own your weak points with as much honesty as your strengths. Take a moment to think (and record!) your developmental areas. What needs to be worked on to ultimately make you a better student? Is it your timekeeping? Is it your commitment? Is it your effort? Whatever it is, confront it honestly! That is how you improve.

How am I going to improve/what is my plan of action?

It is all well and good acknowledging what your strengths and development areas are, but it is equally important to develop a plan of action to improve. How you approach your developmental areas decides the speed in which you succeed. You might want to dedicate an extra hour per week to personal development, you may want to attend all of your lectures and seminars consistently... whatever your plan of action is, write it down and commit to it.

I hope you found this useful! For more tips on University Success, make sure you are following our Instagram.

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